Kandy, the Sri Lankan centre of Buddhism, is a large city in central Sri Lanka, situated on a plateau and is surrounded by mountains, rainforests and tea plantations. The city’s proud heritage and beautiful lakeside setting has made it a popular tourist destination. There is no specific best time to visit Kandy as it is an all year round holiday destination. The Temple of the Tooth and the National Museum located beside the Temple are some of the popular places to visit in Kandy that tourists must have a look at during their tour. The picturesque lake is an attractive centerpiece in the town. Boat rides and evening strolls are common here if you want to observe the hustle bustle of city life along with British colonial architecture on either side of the lake.

The busiest season in Kandy is in July/August when the Kandy Perahera takes place: a fortnight’s festival of parading elephants in colorful costumes along with a bunch of other talent such as drummers and dancers. If you want to observe this festival, July/August is when to visit Kandy. Apart from that, Kandy has tourist friendly weather conditions throughout the year.

Best time to visit Kandy by Month

January to March

Compared to the capital city of Colombo, Kandy has a cooler average temperature because it is situated in the central highlands of the country. Some rainfall is seen in January but isn’t present all day long so you can time your visits to tourist attractions at times when rain is not predicted. March is usually the driest month where you can plan outdoor activities such as trekking as well as a day visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens. In conclusion, the first quarter of the year is the best time to visit Kandy while on a holiday in Sri Lanka.

April to June

April is probably the warmest month that Kandy sees throughout the year. However, the heat is not too strong because, once again, we are talking about a city in the central highlands. Temperatures would go up to 30-32 Degrees Celsius at the most. A dip in one of the surrounding waterfalls in Kandy would be ideal during the warm season. April is when the Sinhalese New Year celebrations come out and the city is quite busy at that time. It would be interesting to visit a temple and observe rituals there. The latter part of the second quarter is when you would see quite a bit of rain. May is the month of Vesak celebrations during which rain is always expected. If May/June is when to visit Kandy according to your itinerary, indoor activities such as visiting the Temple of the Tooth and the National Museum are ideal. Don’t forget to tell your tour guide to drive around to observe the beautiful Vesak lanterns that the city is decorated with in the month of May.

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July to September

These few months have the coolest weather in Kandy. Some rainfall is expected in these months but the forecast is very minor and most likely should not affect your travel plans. July/August is when the Kandy Perahera takes place and the city of Kandy is very busy during this season. This is one of the best times to visit Kandy as you get to observe the grandest Buddhist festival ever. A replica of the casket that holds the Sacred Tooth Relic is paraded around the city for ten nights on an extravagantly decorated elephant along with many more costumed elephants, dancers, whippers, fire crackers, drummers and more talents. Seats for this Perahera, along with hotel accommodation are reserved months in advance during this peak season. Sri Lanka Holidays from the UK is quite popular during this season due to the Kandy Perahera festival. In addition to the UK, this splendid festival is also enjoyed by locals & tourists from around the world including the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Dubai, Singapore, India & the rest of Asia. The weather is nice and cool, hence outdoor activities are recommended during these months. Cozying up in one of the exclusive resorts in Kandy surrounded by scenery of beautiful mountains and serene greenery is also a romantic way of spending your holiday during the chilly months of Kandy’s weather.

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October to December

October is probably the wettest month that Kandy sees and should be avoided if you are not a fan of rain. Indoor activities such as visiting the Temple of the Tooth, a tea factory visit and shopping at the Kandy City Centre can be covered without any hesitance during these months. Some rainfall may be seen in November and December as well but the probability is quite less hence it is safe to plan outdoor activities. Don’t forget to drive around and have a look at Christmas and New Year celebrations in Kandy during the month of December. You will probably grab some amazing shopping deals at the Kandy City Centre during this season.

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With global warming and other worldwide conditions that are affecting the weather, Sri Lanka is also seeing a shift in weather patterns. Hence the above explained weather conditions and times when to visit Kandy may vary annually. For example, at times when rainfall is expected, not much is actually seen. But when rainfall is not expected, we might see a few showers in a week. Therefore, predicting weather in tropical countries cannot be done in a very accurate manner. What is mentioned above is simply a forecast based on the weather conditions seen over the past few years.

When planning your holiday, make sure Kandy is on your list of places to visit in Sri Lanka as there is a lot to learn about the country’s history, culture and traditions. Nature lovers will also like some of the places to visit in Kandy such as the Botanical Gardens and the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. Sri Lanka Holiday Ideas can arrange a detailed tour of Kandy and Sri Lanka for you as per your convenience. Simply get in touch with us and we will plan a splendid Sri Lanka holiday package for you.

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