Make the most out of Kandy Perahera 2017 with this hand guide

Kandy Perahera 2017 is scheduled to begin from 29th July 2017 to 08th August 2017. The Kandy Esala Perahera is an annual Buddhist celebration that takes place after the full moon in the month of July. It is a ten day long procession celebrated in commemoration of Buddhist Gods and also where a replica of the casket holding the Sacred Tooth Relic is paraded around the city for the public. The Kandy Festival is one of the most grand festivals in the history of Sri Lanka as it brings together talents such as dancers, drummers, whip crackers, fire ball dancers, stilt walkers, and many more along with elephants decorated in extravagant costumes and lights to present an amazing sight. In this article we will provide essential tips of how to make the Kandy Perahera 2017 the best experience for you to take home memories that will never fade away.

  1. Advance Planning

Planning in advance is extremely important because during the Kandy Festival, the city of Kandy is at its peak season with tourists and locals swarming into the city to be a part of the Perahera. For this reason, it is best to plan your holiday in Kandy very much in advance, especially if you require hotel accommodation and transport to tour the city. Look around for hotels within the city and make your bookings way in advance for the duration of your stay. Also get in touch with travel agents in advance to make sure they reserve your transport to take you around the city for other sightseeing purposes during this period. The Kandy Perahera 2017 takes place in the nights so you have plenty of time during the day to explore the city of Kandy. If you wish to travel in public transport, please note that trains and buses going in and out of the city are usually fully booked at this time. So reservations for these should also be made in advance.

Tip – Make sure to also spend a day in Kandy to explore this famous historic city in Sri Lanka. Find out more about Places to Visit in Kandy.

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2. Choosing the best seats

Expect the area to be packed because people come from all over the world to see the Kandy Festival. It is best to make sure you find comfortable seats for experiencing the Perahera because it can be a very long night. The official website of the Kandy Perahera has arranged a viewing gallery in several buildings from which amazing views of the procession can be obtained. The best seats can be booked online through this viewing gallery so please do visit this site for further information and make sure you book your seats way in advance. Some of the best views are available from Queens Hotel, Prince of Wales building and the Delifrance building.

It is advisable to book your seats in a location that has access to a decent toilet and if you were to choose to take a seat on the streets, there are no public toilets. Plus the seats on the street will not wait for you until you come back after going in search for a toilet or refreshments, etc.

3. On the Perahera day

Be prepared for a long wait on the day you have chosen to see the Kandy Festival. If you want your seats secured you have to be seated at least a couple of hours in advance. The Perahera itself will begin at approximately 7.30 pm and go on for a minimum of three hours; so yes, it is going to be a long, yet very entertaining evening.

Also make sure you have eaten well before you begin your wait to watch the Kandy Perahera 2017. Carry some refreshments with you because the restaurants are usually closed in the evenings to allow for seating view of the parade. Please note: alcohol will not be available anywhere in Kandy during the ten day festival. Fast food chains such as pizza hut and dominos take orders for delivery while the parade is going on so that’s something to be relieved about.

If you choose to watch the Esala Perahera from the streets, it is best to avoid bringing small children as they can get pushed around with the crowd and may not like the loud noise. Also, it gets very smoky when the fire dancers pass by and smoking is not prohibited so expect to see a lot of people smoking on the streets, which is a cause for concern, especially when it comes to small children. If you have to bring along children with you, it is essential that you book comfortable seats in advance at the viewing gallery online.

As the days of the Kandy Festival proceed, the procession gets grander. Security is tight everywhere on the streets of Kandy during this period. You will most likely be asked to pass through a screening test before you get to your seat for the Kandy Perahera 2017. Expect phenomenal entertainment: extremely loud music, bright lights, dancing, drumming, fire stunts, extravagant costumes and much more.

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How Sri Lanka Holiday Ideas Could Help Plan the Best Perahera Experience

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