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Sri Lanka Beaches

Is a sun-kissed escapade lurking within the midst of your mind?

Then look no further! When it comes to Sri Lanka beaches are one nuance that are immediately associated with the island, and no matter what time of year you plan to indulge in a little bit of waves, sand and sunshine, all beaches in Sri Lanka are delightfully welcoming – even during monsoon seasons.

That’s right, coastal regions of Sri Lanka are a crucial point of interest when it comes to paying a visit herewith. Well oriented towards and acquainted with all required amenities for holiday goers from across the globe, there’s so much more than a scenic horizon and an endless line of palm trees that shall flaunt the shores here.

Southern beaches are at their peak during the latter part of the year (from November to April), while those along the North and East present crystal clear waters from May to September annually.

  1. Unspoilt shores, sparkling waters, beachside cabanas, bars and restaurants,
  2. A variety of water sporting activities available in Sri Lankan beaches; everything from water skiing to surfing!
  3. The Northern and Eastern coastal regions of Sri Lanka consist of a number of adored locales, such as Batticaloa and Trincomalee, although Down South comprises of the island’s most celebrated beach spots,
  4. Want to experience Sri Lanka beaches a tad more without the fear of missing your next flight? Then head over to Negombo – only 6km from Colombo’s international airport, feel free to witness the routines of local fishermen as you have some fun in the sun.

Beaches in Down South

Undoubtedly the most sought for when it comes to Sri Lanka beaches, coastal areas Down South of the island are well renowned for a variety of requisites – from exclusive ayurvedic resorts to fully fledged parties that feature local DJs making crowds groove away under a starlit sky, with the occasional sound of the tide washing onto the shore.

Here are a few of the Southern coast’s most popular beaches that you can include into your itinerary the next time you’re here:


Situated approximately 42km from the capital city of Colombo, Kalutara is also home to the intricately decorated multi-tiered Kalutara Vihara, that features 3 storeys worth of resplendent paintings that tell the life story of Lord Buddha, along with its stretch of calm beach.


The prime spot for banana boating in Sri Lanka, Bentota is a 62km drive from Colombo and is a haven for water sports in the island! What’s more, a ferry ride along its lagoon is sensually romantic and is a hit with couples both young and old alike!


If you’re looking for all of Sri Lanka’s outdoor activities under one roof, then Hikkaduwa is your spot of choice! Featuring one of the island’s most captivating coral reefs, a glass-bottomed ride to explore marine life herewith along with a jet ski ride is the perfect complement to your beach holiday.

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History galore! While Galle is well acclaimed for its shores, it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site owing to the ancient Galle Fort that still resides with much splendour and awe. Out of all Sri Lanka beaches, this is one spot that features the island’s natural and historical attributes in one set location.


Proudly renowned to be one of the 12 most spectacular beaches in the world, Unawatuna is all about serenity and glee, as the waves kiss the shore and the sun sets at dusk! Situated 120km from Colombo, this beach destination consists of a line of pubs and restaurants, and the occasional beach party is also commonplace here.

East Coast Sri Lanka Beaches


Situated approximately 270km from the capital city, the Hindu-dominated township of Trincomalee is home to magnificently carved Hindu temples such as the Koneswaram Kovil! What’s more, Pigeon Island is a prime spot for those who wish to scuba dive and snorkel. The highlight of this town though is its all-natural harbour which has been a part of marine routes since the middle ages!

Arugam Bay

Most prominently known for its surfing requisites, Arugam Bay is a lovely locale to simply spend an undisturbed weekend at – regardless of whether you’re bound to pick up that surf board or not. What’s more, Kalkudah and Passikudah beaches are also within close proximity, right at the heart of the Batticaloa district here.

The North


Famous for its whale and dolphin watching excursions, Kalpitiya is one of the biggest tourist attractions along the North Western region of Sri Lanka. Situated approximately 170km from Colombo, this beach paradise has been uniquely positioned in terms geographically in that the Puttalam lagoon and the Indian Ocean span along either of its sides! Owing to this extraordinary placement, Kalpitiya is therefore a terrain that consists of a number of habitats – from marshes to reefs!

The Bar Reef is one of Kalpitiya’s most favoured tourist attractions, as it presents the perfect spot for snorkelling/scuba diving and thereby giving yourself a treat for your eyes as you revel in the colourful beauty of marine life that lies in the abyss herewith.


Considered to be the Northern most region of Sri Lanka, Jaffna is a ride of approximately 5 and half hours that spans a distance of 362km by road. Visited mostly for its historical remnants, the beaches here are equally desirable, albeit a tad different in terms characteristically! Yes, while the Casuarina Beach features a line of Casuarina trees (exactly as its name suggests), the shallowness of the beach here is great to wade in for miles at a stretch!
As hotels are scarce, renting a villa is the most sensible option while here. What’s more, Allaippiddy, Santhakulam and Thondaimannar are other townships where more of Jaffna’s scenic beaches can be found, along with a number of Hindu and Buddhist temples such as the Naga Pooshani Ambal Kovil and the Kandarodei temple.

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